Industrial Ready Megawatt Fuel Cell Solutions

Combine for higher output

Several Marine System 200’s can be combined for higher electric power output. In this case, the units are connected in parallel to a common DC bus through DC/DC converters. The produced power can be utilized either in a DC power system, or further converted to AC for grid integration.

Embedded in our company culture

Our safety solution is developed according to safety protocols and applicable industry standards. The technology is applied in ongoing projects and is currently being validated by classification societies LR and DNV-GL.

Designed in a modular way

The main sub-modules, Fuel Cell Module (FCM) and Support System Modules (SSM) are characterized by a pull-out design and different service options can be selected under the service portfolio. This enables tailored support to optimize your operations. You can rely on a smooth and seamless service experience that does not require long dry-dock periods and costly overhaul stops.

Marine System 200

Marine System 200

Marine System 200 is a powerful yet compact fuel cell system with a net electric output of 200 kW operabale at a wide range of hydrogen inlet pressures. With the possibility of operating at a very low inlet pressure the system is compatible with components that enabling compatibility with future renewable fuels.

The system is developed for marine applications and can be connected in parallel for megawatt (MW) output. Marine System 200 offers high system efficiency and delivers silent and emission-free electricity in sensitive marine environments.

Our system is desgned and developed according to maritime rules and regulations in cooperations with class societies and customers.

  • Dimensions30 x 900 x 2200 mm
  • Weight1070 kg
  • Standard variation185
  • Max net power185 kWe
  • Voltage output440 – 800 VDC
  • Gross output (rated power) 534 V / 400 A
  • Current output DC/DC45 – 405 A
  • Heat output< 300 kW
  • Fuel qualityPure hydrogen: ISO 14687:2019
  • Fuel inlet pressure0.5-3 Bar(g) / 3-8 Bar(g) / 8-12 Bar(g)

Customer Case

World’s largest marine fuel cell systems

On Norway’s most extended and weather-exposed ferry connection between Lofoten and Bodø, Torghatten Nord will develop and operate hydrogen ferries. The solution includes PowerCellution Marine System 200, providing the two ferries with 6 MW power each and 15 years of service by PowerCell


We got your back

We use our close to 30 years of hard-won experiences, know-how and validated technology within the fuel cell industry to guide you on your journey to a zero-emission solution.

Our consultancy provides you with an optimized fuel cell solution for your specific needs. This minimizes your initial investment outlay and supports your evaluation in selecting a product and solution.

We are able to accelerate your journey to zero-emission operations by guiding and supporting your evaluation grounded in our experience with fuel cell technology.