Heavy Duty Hydrogen Electric Solutions


Power Density

Our solutions are powerful and robust, yet compact and easy to transport if needed. All products in the off-road segment have been tested and developed according to the standards for heavy-duty transportation applications and power generation solutions.

Heavy Duty – Zero Emissions

Driving innovation and technological advancements in the transportation and construction sectors is crucial for creating a cleaner and greener future. Hydrogen-electric heavy duty machinery with hydrogen from renewable energy sources is a total zero-emission solution.

Scalable Solutions

We offer a complete hydrogen electric product portfolio for the off-road segment, ranging from 60 kW up to megawatt installations. The product portfolio is based on our proven fuel cell technology that, with its high power density and compact size, makes our solutions particularly well suited for the heavier vehicles.

Heavy Duty System  100

Heavy Duty System 100

Heavy Duty System 100 is a compact and powerful fuel cell system that enables durable and flexible use, with an electric output of up to 100 kW. The system has been tested and developed according to the standards in heavy duty applications.

Specifically designed to accomplish compact integration together with a high power output. The system has a robust construction for fast, dynamic and stable load operations. The fuel cell stack with steel-based bipolar plates ensures lasting and reliable use in a wide range of conditions. Multiple systems can be coupled in parallel to reach higher power outputs.

  • Dimensions 606 x 696 x 674 mm
  • Weight 212 kg
  • Volume 284 l
  • Standard variation 100
  • Net power output 15 – 100 kW
  • Gross output (rated power) 300 V / 380 A
  • Voltage output 250 – 500 V
  • Current output 50 – 450 A
  • System heat output (max) < 140 kW + 11 kW
  • Coolant outlet temperature 80°C
  • Fuel quality Pure hydrogen
  • Fuel inlet pressure 8 – 12 Bar (g)

Case Study

The World’s First Zero-Emission Hauler

Combining fuel cells with an electric powertrain provides a zero-emission solution that can eliminate several million tons of yearly CO2 emissions worldwide. In collaboration with Volvo Construction Equipment (Volvo CE) and RISE (Research Institutes of Sweden).

Engineering offer

We use our close to 30 years of hard-won experiences, know-how and validated technology within the fuel cell industry to guide you on your journey to a zero-emission solution.

Our consultancy provides you with an optimized fuel cell solution for your specific needs. This minimizes your initial investment outlay and supports your evaluation in selecting a product and solution.

We are able to accelerate your journey to zero-emission operations by guiding and supporting your evaluation grounded in our experience with fuel cell technology.