The Annual General Meeting 2023 resolved on the following guidelines for the determination of salaries and other compensation to senior management:


For the purpose of ensuring that the Company is able to recruit and retain qualified senior managers, the fundamental principle is that the senior management must be offered employment terms and compensation on market terms.


Salaries and other benefits: Compensation to the senior management shall be comprised of a fixed salary and pension. The fixed salaries are normally reviewed on a calendar year basis. In addition to fixed salaries, there may be variable salaries provided that the variable portion never exceeds 25 percent of the annual salary, in addition to the possible opportunity to participate in any implemented performance-based incentive programs. In addition, the senior management shall be entitled to customary non-monetary benefits such as a company car and occupational healthcare. In addition to these benefits, other benefits may also be offered on an individual basis.


Pension: Senior management shall be offered premium-based agreements. The premium shall correspond to the premium contributions, which apply from time to time for ITP 1/ITP 2, or a maximum of 35 percent of gross salary. In the premium-based agreement, the pension will correspond to the sum of premiums and any return, without any guaranteed pension level. Under the premium-based pension plan, there is no defined time for retirement.


Notice of termination period and severance pay: The notice of termination period for senior management (excluding CEO) shall vary between three to six months. The notice of termination period for the CEO amounts to six months when termination is made by the CEO and twelve months when termination is made by the Company. Upon termination by the Company, severance pay is, in addition, payable in an amount corresponding to not more than six months’ salary.


Deviations in individual cases: The Board of Directors shall be entitled to deviate from these guidelines where there is special cause for such an individual case.


Compensation to the Board of Directors

Compensation to the Board of Directors is determined by the Annual General Meeting based on proposals from the Nomination Committee. However, the Board of Directors is entitled, in specific cases, to commission an individual director to perform consultancy services on behalf of the Company within their respective areas of competence. Directors elected by the Annual General Meeting shall, in these specific cases, be eligible to receive fees for services, which do not constitute board work. With respect to the services, a fee on market terms will be payable, which must be approved by the Board of Directors. This shall also be applicable if the work is carried out through a company wholly or partially owned by a board member.