Whistleblower Function

Who can report?

You can report and receive protection from the Whistleblower Act if you are an employee, volunteer, trainee, active shareholder, person who is otherwise available for work under our control and management or is part of our administrative, management or supervisory body.

Contractors, subcontractors, suppliers or any other business partner to us who have found out about malpractices within the company can also report. The fact that you have ended your work-related relationship with us, or that it has not yet begun, is not an obstacle to reporting malpractice or receiving protection for reporting malpractice externally.

What can I report?

In case of suspicion of possible misconduct, law and/or regulation violation or any suspicions concerning actions that are not in accordance with the company’s code of conduct or other policies, we urge you to report this to us as a whistleblowing case.

How can I report?

The report will be treated confidentially. All personal data that is not relevant will be deleted, and the case will be stored only as long as necessary.