Enabling Zero-Emission Innovation to Market at Remarkable Speed 

Upon realising that their battery-powered vehicles fell short in supplying sufficient power for the ancillary equipment, Vantastec found themselves in need of an alternative solution. After extensive research they found that hydrogen fuel cell technology would work as the perfect option. But, who could help them achieve such an innovative solution? Is it even possible? And if so, could it be done within a reasonable time frame?


Since discovering and signing a deal with PowerCell Group, a customised hydrogen fuel cell ancillary system for electric vans was developed, providing zero emissions for the electric van fleet. The project went from idea to actual product in less than a year, demonstrating that the green transition is no longer just a concept for the future. In fact, it is happening right now, and we enable forward-thinking companies to bring innovation to market at remarkable speed.





A cherished food delivery service in the heart of Wales, called “Meals on Wheels”, initiated by local politician, Pauline Batty, requested a sustainable and fossil-free operations, making sure being environmentally responsible and embracing the shift towards greener solutions. Vantastec Ltd, the UK’s leader in temperature-controlled vans and van conversions, introduced in collaboration with Caerphilly County Borough Council, a new fleet of fully electric Meals on Wheels vehicles. But due to limitations of battery-powered vehicles, the electric vans could not provide enough power for the equipment needed to heat up the meals during transportation. Therefore, Vantastec needed to find an alternative solution and came to the realisation that hydrogen and fuel cells were the way to go.

PowerCell Group and Vantastec Collaboration

However, with this technology not widely available, they encountered frustration due to the lack of options and were unsuccessful in finding a partner in the UK. After extensive online research, they finally discovered PowerCell Group: a company based in Sweden with nearly 30 years of experience and expertise in hydrogen fuel cell technology. Upon reaching out, they felt confident they had found the right partner to help them create what they needed. In a groundbreaking partnership a new chapter unfolded, creating an innovative solution aimed at making the vans completely emission-free.

The Solution – Ancillary System 5

Ancillary System 5 serves as a power unit tailored for electric utility vehicles, specifically designed to facilitate the heating and cooling of food during transportation. It seamlessly integrates onto the roof of an electric utility vehicle, while the electrical integration is done within the vehicle to ensure hassle-free installation. The solution leverages the V Stack, based on our state-of-the-art fuel cell technology. It is equipped to accommodate a hydrogen tank within its compact design, along with multiple protective safeguards to minimise risks and consequences of any foreseeable hazards to the system. Beyond its primary function, it offers versatility for various other applications, providing reliable and environmentally friendly electricity generation through the utilisation of hydrogen and air.

A Successful Collaboration

Stuart Sharp, Sales Manager at PowerCell Group says, “This demonstrates the limitless possibilities and demand for hydrogen fuel cells in our lives as we transition to a greener future. The success of this project, achieved in record time, is attributed to the teamwork between PowerCell Group and Vantastec. Both companies have contributed their expertise and dedication to develop the hydrogen fuel cell power generation system installed on the roof of the vehicle. This collaboration showcases that true net-zero fleet operation is achievable today.”


Towards a Greener Future

Through the combined efforts of two innovative companies, a greener, more sustainable future is within reach. As we embark on this journey towards emission-free transportation, we invite you to break new ground together with us. Reach out to us today and discover how we can collaborate to unlock a greener future together. Let’s embrace innovation, sustainability, and compassion as we pave the way for a brighter tomorrow.