Industrial Ready Megawatt Fuel Cell Solutions

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Smooth to zero.

We are ready to use our expertise and solutions to make your transition to hydrogen electrification solutions easier. Minimizing your risks, investments and time to market.

We Got Your Back

We use our 27 years of hard-won experiences, know-how and validated technology within the fuel cell industry to guide you on your journey to a zero-emission solution.

Our consultancy provides you with an optimized fuel cell solution for your specific needs. This minimizes your initial investment outlay and supports your evaluation in selecting a product and solution.

We are able to accelerate your journey to zero-emission operations by guiding and supporting your evaluation grounded in our experience with fuel cell technology.

Our Transition Services

CONSULTATION | Feasibility studies that guide you to make the right choice

SUPPORT | Integrations, installations and operations, online and on-site

MODIFICATION | Customized application-ready products based on our industrialized portfolio

INDUSTRIALIZED INNOVATION | New market leading products developed from our industrialized portfolio

TURNKEY SOLUTION | Creating complete green power solutions

Future-Proof Your Stationary Power Operations and Economy

Stationary power can be divided into three areas: primary, peak and back-up power. Primary power being where the fuel cell runs your site independently or connected to the grid. Peak power helps you compensate for lack of power at times of high demand. Back-up power is where the fuel cell system steps in to keep your operation going when there is a power failure.

Primary power

When you want to be more self-sufficient, to secure electricity access or simply work in places where there is no grid, you need your own power source. It could be that you want to decrease your grid dependency, lower grid costs or to set up temporary operations at an inaccessible spot.

Peak power

At times when the energy demand on the grid peaks, you will want to ensure that you have access to the power you need. A hydrogen fuel cell can either eliminate or complement other energy sources, such as batteries, to do the job. As a bonus, it will cut costs when energy prices rise as the demand increases.

Back-up power

With the rise of digitization, back-up power has become increasingly important. It has been customary to use diesel generators that start up when there is a power failure. A hydrogen fuel cell can always be online, which makes it more dependable and your power supply system more robust.


Fuel cell powers Covid-hospitals in South Africa

How to solve a country’s energy challenges? In South Africa, the local government has launched a large hydrogen fuel cell system project, with PowerCell Sweden AB as a partner in providing PowerCellution fuel cell systems to a military hospital in Tshwane to assist the government in responding to the COVID-19 pandemic.

What We Do

PowerCellution is challenging current power generation systems. Through hydrogen-electrification fuel cell technology, we are helping our customers reach their zero emission goals.

PowerCellution is the product brand, owned by PowerCell Sweden AB.

Powercellution Products & Solutions

Our PowerCellution product and services create extraordinary hydrogen-electric fuel cell solutions. We provide you with world-class technology and unique expertise to help you reach your business and emissions goals.

Get In Touch

Get in touch with one of our experts in the field of hydrogen fuel cells. Our team can support you from pre-study, to integration and commissioning.

Efficient & High Performance

Higher efficiency than ICE while delivering outstanding performance. Combined with battery, our hydrogen fuel cell system can be sized for various power demands. Ramp up quickly and dynamically adjust to real-time power demands even under fast-changing weather.


The hydrogen fuel system only emits water, decarbonizing vessel operations. With a renewable hydrogen value chain, the vessel can be truly zero emissions.

Fast Fueling and Longer Range

Fueling and infrastructure will be easily arranged within fixed routes. The time for hydrogen refueling will be as short as diesel and vessels powered by hydrogen enjoy longer range than batteries.

"Our systems are the most attractive on the market in terms of size and scalability and that is what landed us this fantastic project."

Johan Burgren Marine Business Manager
Johan Burgren, Marine Business Manager, together with a part of the project team
Johan Wahlberg, System Integration Manager and Elin Wilkens, Production Technician, in our lab.
Green power sources like wind and sun is used more efficiently through fuel cell technology.

For Stationary inquiries please contact:

Johan Burgren

Johan Burgren

Johan Burgren

Johan Burgren

Future proof marine power and economy

Nor-Shipping 2022 Oslo

Hydrogen fuel cells - a secure investment
It is possible to choose zero emissions right from the start. Hydrogen fuel cells are already fitted to several ships and to many other applications: buses, trucks, trains, stationary power, the list goes on. By choosing fuel cell technology there will be no need to re-invest in retrofitting during your ship's lifecycle. You will be at the forefront of technology and operationally secure for the next 25 years.

Previous names Updated name Core unit

PowerCell PS-5

Power Generation 5

V system 5

PowerCell MS-30

Power Generation 30

V system 30

PowerCell MS-100

Power Generation 100

P system 100

Power Generation MW Solution

200kW module unit

MW solution

200kW module unit

PowerCell MS-100

Heavy Duty System 100

P system 100

  • Compact and Powerful.An ultra-thin steel plate design combined with a large active area enables industry leading power density.

  • Durable.The Membrane Electrode Assembly (MEA) delivers up to 20 000 operating hours.

  • Compact and Powerful.An ultra-thin steel plate design combined with a large active area enables industry leading power density.

  • Durable.The Membrane Electrode Assembly (MEA) delivers up to 20 000 operating hours.

  • Fuel Cell Stack
    Converts hydrogen into electrical energy in a clean and efficient way
    Hydrogen Subsystem
    Manages cooling and produces heat that can be utilized for external uses external uses
    Cooling Subsytem
    Manages cooling and produces heat that can be utilized for external uses
    Air Subsystem
    Regulates incoming air to a specific humidity, flow rate,pressure and temperature
    FC Safety System
    Passive and active protections based around continuous monitoring and control of the system
    FC Control System
    Process monitoring and control within the fuel cell system
    Mechanical Interface
    Mounting bracket can be adapted to your specific needs, such as shock absorbtion
    Electronics Module
    Converts and stabilizes voltage output from the fuel cell stack
    Air Filter
    Provides chemical filtration of air feed to match the requirements of the fuel cell stac


Heavy Duty System 100 is a very powerful fuel cell system that enables durable and flexible use, with an electric output of up to 100 kW. The system has been tested and developed according to the standards in heavy duty applications. Heavy Duty System 100 is specifically designed to accomplish compact integration together with a high power output. The system has a robust construction for fast, dynamic and stable load operations. The fuel cell stack with steel-based bi-polar plates ensure lasting and reliable use in a wide range of conditions with an operational time of 20 000 hours.

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    Powerful and compact

    Our solutions are powerful and robust, yet compact and easy to transport if needed. All products in the off-road segment have been tested and developed according to the standards for heavy-duty transportation applications and power generation solutions.

  • 02


    We offer fuel cell systems for the off-road market that can be connected in parallel to achieve megawatt (MW) power output. Together with our partners, we provide complete, powerful and scalable MW output solutions for this segment.

  • 03

    Fast ramp up time

    With PowerCellution hydrogen fuel cell systems, off-road vehicles and machinery can match the performance of today’s technology. The ramp-up time is as short as with diesel, which makes the hydrogen fuel cell solution an adequate alternative to fossil fuel.

  • 04

    Towards zero emission

    By using a hydrogen-electric off-road machine with hydrogen from renewable energy sources, you offer your customer a total zero-emission solution.

Zero Emission Shipping

Fuel cell technology can drastically decarbonize your vessels without compromising performance.

MegaWatt ready for deployment

We are ready to deliver an industry ready solution with a modular and scalable design offering a high power output, minimizing your time to market.

Hydrogen on par with today's fuels

Our fuel cell solutions give you access to a mature energy platform with safety, compact design and zero emissions.

Key Features

  • Scalable

    From 100 kW to Megawatt
  • Safe and reliable

    Following safety protocal
  • Easy Maintenance


Supporting you thoughout the complete product journey

Fuel cell expertise
Remote Monitoring
Onsite Support
Basic service tutorials and training
Mårten Wikfors
Moderator | Head of Corporate communication & IR
  • Johan Burgren

    Business Manager Marine

  • Andreas Bodén

    Director Sales & Marketing

  • Thomas Saleman

    Senior Development Engineer

Our Expert Panel

This year 2021 the construction of two fuel-cell ferries in Norway, running on pure hydrogen and to be operated for 15 years, was put out to tender. That is what we call courage! We are ready to take on the challenge. We have developed the Marine System 200, an industrialized high-power fuel cell module up to megawatt power. Our solutions are emission free and are available today, ready for integration into your application. Listen to our webinar where we will discuss the following topics:

Part 1: Hydrogen Availability and Emissions
Part 2: Technical- product description and usage
Part 3: Integration and Service

See you on June 30th at 10 - 11 am CET
If you have any questions, contact us at

Customer Input


  • Use Case
  • Power profile
  • Machine layout


  • Project scope
  • Service requirments
  • Contraints
  • Financial details


  • Project scope
  • Service requirments
  • Contraints
  • Financial details


  • Project scope
  • Service requirments
  • Contraints
  • Financial details

PowerCellution Offer


  • In hull- Marine Fuel cell system

  • On deck- Marine Fuel Cell system

  • System surrounding components

  • Components for specific applications


  • Feasibility study

  • System design

  • Installation & commissioning support

  • Service offer

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