Environment and Quality

Our Policy and Certificates

PowerCell develops and supplies fuel cells, fuel cell systems and services that lower environmental impact from energy generation and at the same time create a value for the customers through high product efficiency and durability. 

By using research and advanced technological development we enable the fossil free society. With careful control and continuous improvements on our management system we secure:

  • Satisfied customers
  • High product quality and delivery precision
  • Engaged and competent personnel
  • High performing development and production systems
  • Effective use of material and resources
  • Cooperation with suppliers and partners
  • Compliance with laws, regulations and stakeholder requirements

PowerCell has quality certificate ISO 9001 and environmental certificate ISO 14001.

Environmental Policy

PowerCell shall always follow national legislation in the countries in which it operates. When any of the requirements of the Policy differ from national legislation, the most ambitious requirement applies. In its operations, PowerCell shall follow the precautionary principle so that injuries and damage to human health and the environment are prevented, avoided or discouraged.
As a company working in the forefront of environmental research we should make sure that our activities and products are compatible with national plans for science and technology and contribute to the national development with in the area.
To reduce the environmental impact of our products and systems, we shall consider the whole lifecycle, from input material, transport and assembly to customer use and end-of-life.
Input material and assembly
Quality is the main requirement for our input material from suppliers, however materials shall also be chosen with regard to the lowest possible environmental and social impact, including e.g. emissions, water, minerals etc.
We shall always use the most environmentally friendly way of transporting our products to customers (such as road, sea or rail). To the extent possible, this shall also be required from our suppliers.
Products in use
PowerCell’s leading fuel cell and reformer technology gives customers access to environmentally friendly electrical power and heating. Meaning that our products in use have a positive environmental impact. We shall advocate the use of fuel cells to help counterclimate change and contribute to low carbon societies.
We aim to assist customers in the end-of-life treatment of our products.