A game-changer for marine applications

PowerCell is currently developing a 3 MW hydrogen electric fuel cell solution for a marine customer who chose our compact and robust, zero-emission solution when constructing a truly unique vessel. This is a game-changer for marine applications and a pioneering installation will be delivered in 2023. It opens up for more MW-solutions, based on our megawatt building blocks.

Setting a zero-emission course

The marine industry is globally under great pressure to meet strict emission targets. Hydrogen electrification, through fuel cells, offer a true zero emission technology to meet these demands. For many years fuel cells only offered limited capacity to generate power. That fact, in combination with the size of the systems, limited the viability of fuel cells in the marine sector. But with the latest development PowerCell now show the way forward for a whole industry. Our megawatt solutions set a new standard and are true game changers on the course towards a zero-emission future.

Megawatt solutions with safety in mind

Marine applications are challenging when it comes to both space, safety and classification, but PowerCells modular system has been developed with all this in mind and is perfectly suited to meet the extreme demands. This specific build demanded some adaptation and customization, but our MW-solution is based on our megawatt building blocks. Over the past two years we have been collaborating closely with class societies and developed the safety case according to IMO legislation. PowerCell are now establishing a best practice for MW fuel cell systems on the maritime market. Our solutions already meet a lot of the requirements set by authorities and legislators, both in terms of safety and environmental goals.

Our systems are the most attractive on the market in terms of size and scalability and that is what landed us this fantastic project.

Johan Burgren Marine Business Manager
Johan Burgren, Marine Business Manager, together with a part of the project team

Developed specifically for marine applications

PowerCell have the huge advantage of offering the most compact and robust fuel cells on the market, perfectly suited for marine application with its´ combination of limited space and rigorous safety requirements. The solution we are now developing is highly modular with the intention of being either retro fitted or integrated to meet specific installation challenges.

– We are very proud of building for and with our customer. The value of implementing a megawatt-solution together with a customer and in collaboration with leading classifications bodies is immense. This project confirms our position as a market leader in the MW segment and we are all looking forward to seeing the vessel being launched. We are confident that our MW solutions, with safety as highest priority, will raise a huge interest from the market. And we are ready to answer to the demand, says Johan Burgren, Marine Business Manager at PowerCell.

Ready to deliver MW solutions for all segments

Fuel cell technology has been along for some time, but the latest development really breaks new ground.

– Through compact and robust fuel cells we are now able to do things we only dreamt of just a few years ago, says Johan Wahlberg, System Integration Manager and the man in charge of the development of the 3 MW solution now being built. Right now, PowerCell have projects running on the ground, on roads, on the oceans and in the air. This rapid progress is made possible through world class engineering and innovation, in combination with more than 30 years of fuel cell experience.

– In our lab there is a constant and delicate combination of process technology, high voltage, electronics, software controls, craftsmanship and good old creative thinking going on. It makes me very proud to be part of these pioneering projects and to develop a technology that can truly change our society for the better.

Johan Wahlberg, System Integration Manager

“Megawatt-solutions takes us a big step closer towards a true zero emission society. We can now generate enough power to become a viable contender even in high power applications such as the marine propulsion, data centers or manufacturing industries.”
Per Ekdunge CEO PowerCell Germany GmbH
Johan Wahlberg, System Integration Manager and Elin Wilkens, Production Technician, in our lab.

Hydrogen electric help us go green

By using hydrogen generated from renewable sources like sun and wind we are able to generate all this power without any other emissions than clean water. As an added bonus the hydrogen enables the renewable energy not only to be stored and transported – it can now be used at times when the sun is not shining and the wind is not blowing. This enables the use of green energy when peaks in demand arise, not just when weather conditions allow. Through the fuel cell technology, the hydrogen is then transformed to electricity, when and where it is needed. To make this a true zero emission solution we need to use hydrogen generated from green sources. All across the globe huge investments are now being made to help with this conversion towards renewable energy sources. Infrastructure is being built and both knowledge and interest is rapidly increasing, not only among visionary engineers, but also among politicians, investors and the general public.

Green power sources like wind and sun is used more efficiently through fuel cell technology.