Solutions for heavy machinery

Since the Paris Agreement in December 2015, countries, regions and cities have made plans to reduce their greenhouse gas emissions. Some countries have set goals to cut their emissions by 50–70% by 2030 and reach zero emissions by 2050. To achieve this, all industries must pull their weight. It is time for real change.


The electrification process worldwide is accelerating. With this comes a steady and high demand for power from the electricity grid. In many places, network capacity is insufficient or pushed to its limits. At the same time, ports and mines are required to find green energy solutions for their ongoing operations and equipment. In mobile off-road machines, which today are mainly powered by diesel, a powertrain for fuel cells can be used. The fact that our various systems are fully scalable enables tailor-made solutions for each individual site and their equipment. In the long-term – in order to achieve the climate goal set out in the Paris Agreement – a complete hydrogen fuel solution in the world’s highly polluted ports is a necessity. You can be a part of achieving that.


For 25 years, PowerCell Group has been developing fuel cells for the very demanding automotive industry. We believe that our technology is at the forefront amongst the world’s leading suppliers. Today, our experience extends over many business areas and we have developed systems for marine applications, as well as for off-road and stationary power. It is scalable from kW to MW, fuel efficient and high performance at low cost. We are proud to work closely with our customers, form relevant partnerships and deliver a value-creating, complete solution.