Power Generation System 5

Max net power
5 kW



  • Easy to integrate. The system is designed for simple integration with the possibility of a customized output to a certain power or voltage target. Built on a standard 19-inch rack.


  • Safety and monitoring. Power Generation System 5 has multiple layers of protection to reduce risks and minimize consequences of any foreseeable hazards to the system.


  • Fuel Cell Stack
    Converts hydrogen into electrical energy in a clean and efficient way
    Hydrogen Subsystem
    Manages cooling and produces heat that can be utilized for external uses
    Cooling Subsytem
    Manages cooling and produces heat that can be utilized for external uses
    Air Subsystem
    Regulates incoming air to a specific humidity, flow rate,pressure and temperature
    FC Safety System
    Passive and active protections based around continuous monitoring and control of the system
    FC Control System
    Process monitoring and control within the fuel cell system
    Cooling Module
    Connects the stack cooling to a heat exchanger enabling a closed loop interface
    Electronics Module
    Converts and stabilizes voltage output from the fuel cell stack
    Air Filter
    Provides chemical filtration of air feed to match the requirements of the fuel cell stack



Power Generation System 5 is developed to create electricity in an easy, silent and reliable way. The system can be used as a generator for buildings and households, but also for back-up within telecom and traffic system applications. The Power Generation System 5 is designed for simple integration in a standard 19-inch rack and includes an automatic control system which can monitor batteries and keep them charged at a specified voltage or deliver a requested power output. In short, the system offers an easy access to a future with zero emissions based on renewable energy. The system is based on the PowerCell Group V Stack.