Partnership enables emission-free power production independent of the grid

PowerCell Group collaborates with Hitachi Energy, Port of Gothenburg, Skanska, Volvo Group and Linde Gas to enable sustainable power production and demonstrate the next step towards greener port operations. The partners have together developed a flexible hydrogen-electric solution that produces emission-free power to drive an electric excavator.

PowerCell Group, a global leader in hydrogen-electric solutions with unique fuel cell stacks and systems, has partnered with Hitachi Energy, a global technology leader in promoting sustainable energy, to develop a new product called HyFlex™. The product is a flexible container solution that can be used in a wide range of applications for emission-free power production. HyFlex uses a 100kW hydrogen fuel cell from PowerCell in combination with batteries to generate power independently of the grid without emitting greenhouse gases when using green hydrogen.

During a demonstration from March 4th to 17th at the Port of Gothenburg, HyFlex provided power to an electric excavator from Volvo Construction Equipment. Linde Gas, the world's largest industrial gas company, provided green hydrogen for the production. For the partners, all of whom are leaders in hydrogen technology and infrastructure development, the demonstration aims to show that the technology is ready and can replace current fossil fuel-driven solutions with sustainable hydrogen-electric solutions in commercial applications.

“This is a great example of the importance and power of collaboration when industry leaders come together to accelerate the energy transition. The HyFlex installation at Skanska's construction site in the Port of Gothenburg successfully demonstrates how this hydrogen-powered fuel cell technology can serve as a clean and reliable alternative to diesel generators”, said Tobias Hansson, Country Managing Director, Hitachi Energy in Sweden.

Viktor Allgurén, Innovation Manager at the Port of Gothenburg, stated “A port is in many ways the perfect place for the use of hydrogen. In a diverse and energy-intensive operation like the Port of Gothenburg, hydrogen has many applications (beyond what we have seen today). For example, as fuel for trucks, locomotives, or handling equipment in the port, as well as for propulsion of ships, or to support the power grid when a ship is connected to shore power. So the use of hydrogen fits perfectly into the port context”

“The green transition is underway, and hydrogen-electric solutions are commercially viable to replace fossil fuels in power generation, leading to high demand for sustainable industrialised solutions without greenhouse gas emissions. At PowerCell, we see that the hydrogen industry has moved beyond the research stage, and we are now increasing deliveries of emission-free fuel cell products and solutions to our customers. This makes us ready to facilitate the technology shift in the industry. HyFlex has the potential to replace diesel-driven generator sets in many power generation applications - all with zero emissions. This demonstrator has been set up with construction sites in mind, but we also see the need for emission-free applications in maritime and port electrification, such as sustainable power production for shore power to ships”, concluded Richard Berkling, CEO of PowerCell Group.

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