Powering Our Customers: A Collaboration Between Hitachi Energy and PowerCell Group

In the rapidly evolving world of clean technology, collaboration between companies is essential. In this post, we look at how Hitachi Energy is pioneering the development of a groundbreaking hydrogen power generator. Aiming to create a green energy solution together with us at PowerCell Group to replace conventional diesel generators and take a big step towards a more sustainable future.

Constructive collaboration

Hitachi Energy’s global presence and solid system integration experience, together with PowerCell Group’s fuel cell expertise, form a recipe for success in developing the next generation of power generators. Through close collaboration and combining our strengths, we have been able to create synergies and achieve breakthrough results.

The journey started with a shared vision: to create a powerful generator that would revolutionize energy production.

The Hydrogen Power Generator

At PowerCell HQ, during a customer event, Hitachi Energy and PowerCell introduced the technology hosted in a 20-foot container. This marks Hitachi Energy’s initial move towards an upcoming product launch, boasting a versatile power range from 400 kVA to megawatt scale installations.

Use cases and applications

A shared vision has driven the development of this integrated and scalable plug-and-play generator — a true game-changer with dependable, emission-free power, anytime and anywhere.

There are two categories for power generation: the medium-power for temporary installations and the high-power for permanent installations.

The medium-power system is a solution engineered to suit the energy demands of construction sites, mining operations, and events. A replacement for noisy and environmentally harmful diesel generators, providing a clean and quiet energy solution.

The high-power system provides a solution for the critical energy needs of institutions such as hospitals, data centers, and industrious sectors that demand unwavering backup power. Picture a world where the big data centers, the lifeblood of the digital age, are nourished by a clean hydrogen generator, banishing the era of diesel generators to history.

Safety first

Whether operating on gas or electricity, safety is crucial in power generation. Both companies’ teams have been dedicated to ensuring that the product meets the strictest safety demands. For Hitachi Energy, as the number of hydrogen applications grows, it is important to actively contribute to the definition of these standards. Rigid internal procedures and close cooperation with external certification bodies ensure that the product meets the highest safety standards.

Setting the standard

Standardization has also been a priority, even for the coming larger MW-scale generators. Using input from prospective customers, making sure the product is both cost-effective and competitive.

It’s not just building a product; we co-create the solution with our customers. We actively engage with potential users, gathering their requirements and feedback to tailor their product to real-world needs.

The exciting path ahead

In conclusion, the collaboration between Hitachi Energy and PowerCell Group represents an example of how companies can come together to create innovative, sustainable solutions. By continuously refining the hydrogen power generator and expanding its applications, we can look forward to a future where clean and reliable energy is more accessible than ever before.

In this joint effort between Hitachi Energy and PowerCell Group, we go together towards a revolution in the clean tech industry, offering a glimpse into a future powered by sustainable, green energy solutions. Stay tuned for more updates on this exciting journey towards a greener, brighter tomorrow.