Fuel cell powers Covid-hospitals in South Africa

How to solve a country’s energy challenges? In South Africa, the local government has launched a large hydrogen fuel cell system project, with PowerCell as a partner in providing PS-5 fuel cell systems to military hospitals in Tshwane to assist the government in responding to the COVID-19 pandemic. The system was put into operation in August 2020.


The Covid-19 pandemic has been very challenging on so many levels in so many countries. A common challenge has been to find enough hospital beds to meet the huge and sudden spikes in capacity needs. As in many other places the local government in Tshwane, South Africa has set up temporary military hospitals to increase capacity. Their remote location posted a problem when it came to power supply. But instead of using diesel generators with their notorious CO2 footprint, South Africa chose a much cleaner and modern path.

Challenge – The Covid-19 pandemic highlights the importance of responding quickly and flexibly to power shortages, especially when providing advanced care facilities for seriously ill patients.

“We are receiving increasing inquiries about fuel cells, especially from energy-poor areas. I am proud to be involved in this evolution, and PowerCell hopes to help solve energy shortages for other regions by providing clean solutions”

Emilia Eråker Sales Engineer at PowerCell


Through the project partnership with Bambili group the local government in Tshwane launched a large hydrogen fuel cell system project to power their temporary military hospitals.

The system was put into operation in August 2020 and created a huge interest. The successful use of fuel cells has resulted in plans to gradually extend the project to other remote locations.