Preparing for the growing demand of zero emission buildings

Osnago (LC), Italy

Zero emission factory


Our customer Milani S.p.A. is preparing to meet the growing demand for zero-emission factories, starting with their own facilities. Milani is installing a complete zero emission solution that integrates PV panels, electrolyzers and PowerCell Group’s fuel cell systems as part of their own MilanHY. The MilanHY is Milani S.p.A.’s hydrogen fuel cell container solution that also uses the heat from the fuel cell to increase the efficiency of the system.

Supporting Milani to reach their vision of a zero-emission factory

Milani S.p.A. has been researching the market for various decarbonization solutions for real estate over a long period of time, especially battery and e-fuel solutions. Since 2021, the company has been researching hydrogen fuel cell solutions. The first step on the road to hydrogen electricity is the decarbonization of their own facilities in Osnago (Lecco), Italy.
From the outset, PowerCell has worked closely with Milani S.p.A. to explore and understand the business case and longer-term opportunities of working with hydrogen and fuel cells. With Milani S.p.A.’s extensive knowledge of electrical integration, PowerCell supports with fuel cell specific technical training.
In the third quarter of 2022, PowerCell delivered the first standard unit of the Power Generation System 100, which will be integrated into a fuel cell container built and assembled by Milani S.p.A., with PowerCell supporting the integration.
With our modifiable fuel cell system, more than 25 years of fuel cell experience, and a long-term commitment, Milani can accelerate the technical and commercial implementation of the MilanHY solution for the future.

Milani Giovanni SPA

Milani Giovanni S.p.A. was founded in 1964 and started with the realization and installation of electrical and special plants. As the company has grown, Milani has developed a 360° approach that allows the company to support facilities that offer customized solutions for every need.
“We don’t limit ourselves to acting as simple executors, but as true consultants we always find the best technical solutions. Moreover, thanks to an efficient after-sales service, we manage project step by step until its completion and beyond, ensuring at all times a fast and efficient maintenance. For this reason we can always offer maximum satisfaction to our customers. This is the best proof of our professionalism.”


MilanHy is a turnkey, easy-to-install solution that captures excess energy from PV modules and converts it into hydrogen. Hydrogen is the perfect energy vector, as it has a very high energy density and also allows the use of seasonal energy reserves. When the PV is not in operation, the system can reconvert the hydrogen into electrical and thermal energy for the building. Power Generation System 100 is the central strategic building block of the Milan HY:

  • Fast start-up, since the energy consumption of a building cannot be accurately planned, such as in industrial production, where a fast response time of the systems is required to manage the energy demand of the building
  • Flexibility to follow in real time the fluctuations of the loads
  • Off-peak management, thanks to the features mentioned above