Electrify Everything!

We believe that renewable energy must be made available to everyone. And that’s exactly what hydrogen fuel cells can do. Finally… because it has taken us decades of research and development to get here. Millions of hours of hard, dedicated work. Countless breakthroughs and almost as many setbacks. 


Today, our hydrogen fuel cell technology is reliable, efficient and affordable enough to not just match but surpass fossil alternatives. Making renewable energy accessible to everyone – on land, in the air and on the world’s oceans.  


And it’s happening right now, as we speak. 


In close collaboration with our customers, we make the journey towards fossil-freedom uncomplicated and growth-promoting. Our products are already being used in numerous applications around the world – perfectly tailored to each individual use case. And more and more major corporations are preparing to go electric. 


So just imagine where another decade of breakthroughs and setbacks will take us! 

Marine System 225

A powerful, compact and advanced maritime power generation system that builds on the success of the Marine System 200.

Ask An Expert

Get in touch with one of our experts in the field of hydrogen electric fuel cells. Our team can support you from pre-study, to integration and commissioning.

Fuel Cell Technology

We offer extraordinary hydrogen electric solutions that positively impact our environment. We provide you with world-class technology and unique expertise to help you reach your business and emissions goals.


Enabling Zero-Emission Innovation to Market at Remarkable Speed 

Ancillary System 5 serves as a power unit tailored for electric utility vehicles. The solution leverages the V Stack, based on our state-of-the-art fuel cell technology.